Sheet Extrusion Equipments


Description: A flat sheet or film extrusion die used to produce monolayer, multilayer sheets or films as a stand alone unit or producing multilayer films in conjunction with a feed block only for PET. It accepts an incoming stream of material and reshapes it into a flat, thin film for discharge and subsequent cooling.Ozmak has more than two decades of experience in extrusion die designs for controlled flow channel with larger contact surface, manifold space and adjustable die exit with extra heating. High quality heating elements ease equal thickness for different widths to demanded layers. Super finished chrome surfaces of the die provides superior sheet surface with controlled tension..


Ozmak calender rolls are the most important part of the calender unit, providing high precision concentricity and high flexural strength. Thus even the lowest sheet thicknesses can be manufactured with extreme accuracy, always at a cost-effective solution for film and sheet production applications. Ozmak rolls are also custom designed with heavily reinforced shell and core with internal helical water-cooling channels that provide better flow and faster cooling with larger heat transfer area. Same side water feed and return simplifies the piping layout.



Description: Extruder screws efficiently melt, mix and convey the polymer, but are not efficient in providing a flow at consistent pressure and volume to the die. A melt pump, while not a mixing or melting device, is extremely efficient at building pressure and metering the melt output. A closed-loop drive control varies the extruder screw speed to assure an adequate amount of polymer to the pump regardless of inlet pressure variations due to extruder surge and screw speed.Ozmak high capacity melt pump design provides the same production volume at half the pump speed in comparison to standard melt pumps thus minimizing wear and maximizing life span with built in reserve capacity. This design philosophy provides material savings, increased output, increased extruder life and faster start-ups while lowering processing temperatures, enabling more accurate gauge control, lowering shear stresses and processing varying recycled content.Also the superior design of Ozmak melt pumps uses special quality AL-bronze body seals in order to prevent friction during the dry run.


Description: Ozmak mixers are highly efficient in thoroughly mixing and homogenizing the melt and the melt temperature before the material enters the die.


Description: Ozmak unique filter cartridge design comprises a two way filter enabling uninterrupted continous operation and no thickness variatons in extruded sheet due to no filter change stops.The filtering area of 4300 mm2 is almost three times higher compared to most standard filters, minimizing the feedback pressure between the filter and the screw barrel. The filtering capacity is maximized by additional central heating system, providing fast warm-up, extra temperature control and reduced pressure. Our filter design also provides additional mixing before the static mixer with three times longer process time and operational life. Filter: min 60- max.130mm dia two–way filter with continuous screen changer.