Sheet Extrusion Units


Description :The rotating screw extruder pushes the plastic beads entering through the feed throat forward into the melting barrel. This allows the plastic beads gradually melt under controlled progress through the barrel, at closely controlled correct melting temperature for the polymer.Ozmak extruders range from 50 to 130 mm in diameter with capacities of 300 to 1000 kg/h. The Ozmak extruder technology provides close control of melting temperature with +/- 1°C by means of a custom cooling system designed specifically for full circulation of air for high efficiency, fast cooling rate.Ozmak extruders can handle various material mixes including scrap in order to get good quality for lower material costs while enabling the same production speed and control with all mix types. Thanks to our custom feeding zone design with specially engineered hopper and screw geometry, the heterogeneous material mix flows smoothly through the screw.Screw and barrel gets the material to the needed production temperature while moving it forward. Ozmak screws have the additional mid barrier between main helices with wider surface for better heat transfer while maximizing compression. Thus Ozmak design differences with years of experience accumulation help better flow and efficient output.


Description: The calender unit defines the quality of a clear sheet. For this reason, particular attention must be paid to the chromium plated and high-mirror polished solid calender rolls. These represent the quality for producing sheets with perfect surface quality. Ozmak calender rolls are the most important part of the unit, providing high precision concentricity and high flexural strength. Thus even the lowest sheet thicknesses can be manufactured with extreme accuracy, always at a cost-effective solution for film and sheet production applications. Ozmak rolls are also custom designed with heavily reinforced shell and core with internal helical water-cooling channels that provide better flow and faster cooling with larger heat transfer area. Same side water feed and return simplifies the piping layout.


DDescription: This unit pulls the sheet coming out from the calendar, trims the sheet edges and delivers it to the winder while maintaining a constant web tension. The rubber pulling rolls prevent sheet from shifting and provides equal tension over the processed surface. The trimmer consists of two rotating disc blades on each side that can individually be adjusted in transversal direction by hand wheels and spindles. The adjustments over the blades can be done during the operation without stopping the line. The takeoff device delivers the sheet to the winder.


Description: For high capacity production lines this unit is placed between the trimming and winding units providing storage during the roll changes at the winding station. Its capacity is 20 m or more, designed as a comb style roll system that allows an easy threading of the sheet. This unit is not a must for in-line or low capacity production lines but can optionally be used.


Description: This unit is used for winding of extruded sheets on cardboard or roll car spools. Changing from one spool to the next is done manually; the accumulator stores the continuously fed material in the meantime. A meter counter accurately measures length of sheet per roll. An alarm is given when a pre-determined roll diameter is reached. Winding tension is maintained by a PLC controlled hydro-motor. The bigger diameter rolls need higher tension for proper winding and edge guiding.